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Starting a Quantum Computer Application on Google Colab

Blueqat 量子ゲート 量子コンピュータ


Who want to start developing a quantum computing application, the most troublesome thing is to create an environment on your computer. The easiest way to start the application is to work on Google Colaboratory maybe.

What is Google Colaboratory?

This is an interactive console like browser-based python jupyter provided by Google, which is useful for tutorials, etc. You can run python mixing texts and codes.

Just access to the url

You can use it as soon as you login with your Google Account.

Quick start

Choose a new Python 3 notebook from the menu file and you can start easy.
First of all let’s install Blueqat development kit from your Google Colaboratory

!pip install blueqat

Please mark ! and enter “pip install blueqat”. If it has already been installed, that fact is displayed, and if it is not installed, the installation will start and it will end soon.

Write a code

All we have to do is write the code. If you hover the mouse cursor between lines, you will get + code or + text.
The text can be used for memo writing and the code can actually be executed.

If Blueqat installed, try entering the following.

from blueqat import Circuit

Then, it is executed,

array([0.70710678+0.j, 0.        +0.j, 0.        +0.j, 0.70710678+0.j])

Quantum entangled state of | 00> and | 11> is made. After that you can implement various programs by doing what you want to try.


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