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[revised]Quantum teleportation


We did quantum teleportation circuit before and now we have much more easier code.

Quantum teleportation

Quantum states can be photographed by generating quantum entanglement, measuring it, manipulating it, and manipulating the final qubits of the transfer destination with the measurement result.

The circuit

First prepare the state of q0. Next, q1 and q2 make quantum entanglement. You can achieve quantum entanglement state called EPR pair by applying H gate to q1 and CX on q1 and q2. And it is called bell measurement, make measurements by generating tangle at q0, q1 and applying H gate to q 0. In this case, we will substitute CX / CZ circuit instead of measurement. Originally we will do the measurement instead of CX / CZ and apply X gate, Z gate.

q0 -?-----*-H---*-------
q1 ---H-*-X---*-|-------
q2 -----X-----X-Z-------

Now we have quite simple code on blueqat

from blueqat import Circuit

#Quantum teleportation circuit
a = Circuit().h[1].cx[1,2].cx[0,1].h[0].cx[1,2].cz[0,2].m[:]

Counter({'010': 21, '000': 30, '100': 28, '110': 21})

you can see that the state of q0 is transport to q2

(Circuit().x[0] + a).run(shots=100)
Counter({'001': 25, '111': 23, '101': 24, '011': 28})

if you use H gate for q0 you get 50% of 0 and 50% of 1 on final q2 result.

(Circuit().h[0] + a).run(shots=100)
Counter({'100': 15,
         '000': 20,
         '111': 16,
         '011': 8,
         '001': 14,
         '101': 8,
         '110': 10,
         '010': 9})

It’s now much more easier to understand basic circuit using than before.

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