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[game] tic tac toe on ising model.

Introduction We just solved the sudoku problem so next step we are going to tic tac toe. It looks th read more

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[Factoring] Factoring on QAOA with blueqat

Introduction By using QAOA we can easily solve factoring with optimization problem directly solve ma read more

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[Factoring] Factoring on D-Wave using optimization

Introduction This time we try implement the factoring algorithm on D-wave machine. 引用元:https://www.d read more

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[Neuron] Understanding an artificial neuron on quantum circuit.

Introduction An Italian team implemented the artificial neuron on IBM machine like the paper below. read more

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[SUDOKU]Solving the world’s most difficult SUDOKU problem using ising model on javascript

Introduction In Japan recently to solve SUDOKU on ising model which is the basic structure of the qu read more

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[QUBO] Select K qubits from N qubits

Introduction To understand basic method to solve ising model which is usually use when you use D-Wav read more

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Grover’s algorithm

Overview Grover’s algorithm is a simple search algorithm to find the data from random data. Th read more

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0+0,0+1,1+0,1+1 at once on D-Wave quantum annealer

Introduction We did 0+0,0+1,1+0,1+1 at once on universal gate model quantum computing. Here we intro read more

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0+0,0+1,1+0,1+1 at once on universal gate model

Introduction By using the superposition we can implement an adder circuit with all possibility only read more

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